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50 Years of Unlocking SME Competitiveness: Lessons for the Future

50 Years of Unlocking SME Competitiveness: Lessons for the Future

2014, ISBN 978-92-9137-418-2

xv, 128 pages

Monograph, Hard Copy and Soft Copy

Price : US$ 35 (developed countries);    US$ 35 (developing countries & LDCs)

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International Trade Centre

The book, published on the occasion of International Trade Centre's 50th anniversary, traces the history of the organization since its inception in 1964; reflects on five decades of global growth and illustrates how the world economy is rebalancing; summarizes ITC's assistance in four primary areas: trade and market intelligence, institutional support, enterprise-oriented programmes, public-private partnerships; reviews major changes in global trade; identifies and analyses the three major drivers of global trade growth: technological change, policy reform and competitiveness; highlights key trends to watch for the future of international business and implications for Aid for Trade; discusses the implications for trade-related technical assistance; elaborates on how dynamics and new trends will impact on ITC's efforts to strengthen SME competitiveness and to foster inclusive and sustainable growth in developing countries; includes bibliographical references (pp.120-124) and a snapshot of ITC's progress over 50 years.

Keyword(s) : Competitiveness, ITC, SMEs, Technical Cooperation, Trade Policy