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Empowering Women through Public Procurement

Empowering Women through Public Procurement

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2014, ISBN 978-92-9137-419-9

xviii, 65 pages

Monograph, Hard Copy and Soft Copy

Price : US$ 35 (developed countries);    US$ 35 (developing countries & LDCs)

Also available in : Arabic, French, Spanish

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This guide provides governments, procuring entities and other stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by women-owned businesses to participate in public procurement markets - offers tools to address these challenges and stimulate increased entrepreneurial activity by women-owned businesses; provides a brief overview of the public procurement objectives of public procurement systems; highlights common challenges faced by women-owned businesses in public procurement markets and discusses techniques to address them; reviews affirmative action policies and programmes to build the capacity of women-owned businesses and to encourage their participation in public procurement; discusses metrics, monitoring and evaluating progress towards policy objectives, as well as enforcing compliance with preferential procurement policies; includes bibliographical references (pp. 64-65)..

Keyword(s) : Developing countries, Gender, Millennium Development Goals, Public Procurement, Women Entrepreneurs