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Mobilizing Business for Trade in Services

Mobilizing Business for Trade in Services

2013, ISBN 978-92-9137-412-0

140 pages

Monograph, Internet and hard-copy

Price : US$ 35 (developed countries);    US$ 35 (developing countries & LDCs)

Also available in : French, Spanish

International Trade Centre

The book providing an analytical and practical explanation of the process and substance of services sector reforms - aims at assisting the business sector in developing countries to engage with governments on strategies for the development of the services sector, with a view to increasing competitiveness and trade; looks at how services can contribute to growth and development; the role of services in trade negotiations; and how business and governments in developing countries can work together towards common aims; reviews individual service sectors such a tourism, transport, communications, computer, audiovisual, Business Process Outsourcing, professional and other business services, construction, distribution, cultural and recreational services; provides key statistical data in services trade; includes bibliographic references (p.140).

Keyword(s) : Developing countries, Services, Trade in Services, Trade Liberalization