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ITC Publications - International Trade Bulletins
ITC produces a variety of international trade bulletins which complement ITC’s books and technical papers. To subscribe, contact the relevant sections of ITC listed below.
  • Market News Service. Price and market information for nine primary and/or semi-processed products. Available in English online via our Product Map link on a paid subscription basis. The categories covered are:

    • Fruit and vegetable juices (quarterly)
    • Fruit and vegetables (monthly)
    • Cut flowers and Ornamental Plants — Asia and Europe (weekly)
    • Medicinal plants and extracts (quarterly)
    • Pharmaceuticals and Medicaments (monthly)
    • Spices and culinary herbs (monthly)

  • Packdata Factsheets. Overviews of national legislation, packaging case studies and speeches. Issued four times yearly in English, French and Spanish. Available in printed format.
  • Export Packaging Notes. Recent issues include a calendar of selected packaging conferences and exhibitions, a list of relevant ISO standards and a list of selected packaging-related European directives. Issued twice yearly. English, French, Spanish. Available in printed format.
  • Current Awareness Bulletins. Abstracts of key packaging information sources. Issued quarterly in English. Available in printed format.

  • Export Quality Bulletins. Each bulletin explores one export quality topic in detail, such as ISO 9000:2000, eco-labelling for textiles, WTO’s Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and quality issues in the European Union for food. Issued several times yearly in English, French and Spanish. Available in printed format. Bulletins published from 2001 onwards are also available on the ITC web site.

  • International Trade Documentation. Annotated list of publications and electronic information sources newly acquired by ITC’s Trade Documentation Centre. Issued quarterly in English, French and Spanish. Available in printed format and from the ITC web site.