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The International Trade Centre has developed a suite of online tools to make global trade more transparent and facilitate access to markets: Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map, Trade Competitiveness Map, Standards Map, and Procurement Map.

The data is available to all countries to conduct up-to-date market analysis, with users from developing countries, least developed countries and countries in transition being able to access all the data free of charge, thanks to support from the World Bank, the European Commission and funders of the ITC's Trust Fund.

Latest trends available in Trade Map
Most important evolutions for Bahrain’s imports
between the third quarter 2015 and the third quarter 2016

Origin of products imported by Bahrain*
green positive arrowUkraineUS$2.2 millions+104%
green positive arrowSomaliaUS$3.2 millions+76%
red negative arrowHungaryUS$2.7 millions-71%
red negative arrowSingaporeUS$18 millions-49%

Products imported by Bahrain*
green positive arrowPulp of wood, fibrous cellulosic material, waste etcUS$12 millions+156%
green positive arrowWadding, felt, nonwovens, yarns, twine, cordage, etcUS$4.1 millions+99%
red negative arrowShips, boats and other floating structuresUS$59 millions-66%
red negative arrowLive animalsUS$7.8 millions-65%
* Threshold value : US$ 1 million

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