We are pleased to publish the list of the top 10 web sites1 of referral traffic to ITC’s market analysis tools for November 2016. This list will be updated every month.

  1. Prom Peru www.siicex.gob.pe


  2. Facebook www.facebook.com


  3. World's Top Exports www.worldstopexports.com


  4. COMTRADE comtrade.un.org


  5. Trade Doctor Kotra tradedoctor.kotra.or.kr


  6. Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org


  7. Industry Canada www.ic.gc.ca


  8. VK vk.com


  9. Twitter twitter.com


  10. NSO Malawi www.nsomalawi.mw


1 Search engines are excluded from the list

If you would like to see your organization mentioned in next month’s list, please put a direct link to Trade Map on your web site. Based on the traffic generated by your link your organization could be listed on the Trade Map home page.

You can also post one of the following html codes on your web site:

Normal size :
ITC's Market analysis tools

Small size :
ITC's Market analysis tools