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Advancing the Export Strategy

  • One of the key outputs for “Advancing Afghan Trade” is the design and implementation of a National Export Strategy (NES). The ultimate goal of this strategy is to support Afghanistan’s trade and export sector with a view to boost performance, support export diversification, as well as fuel employment creation.


    During the process, a concerted national vision will be agreed upon, in line with the development planning goals of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Based on ITC’s inclusive approach, a NES avoids conventional top-down methods of trade strategy design by facilitating a truly national vision - developed for Afghanistan, by Afghanistan and with extensive public and private stakeholder inputs throughout.

    The NES involves two phases, which will rely on ITC assisting the GoIRoA, under the leadership of MoCI. These phases include:


    Further details of the NES process can be viewed in the graphic below. The essential outputs of this process include:
    • An improved policy framework to support development and competitiveness of the export sector with positive human development impact
    • More effective and increased capacity of private and public institutions in order to support and stimulate exports through the provision of relevant and accessible trade support services
    • A framework for more competitive enterprises capable of linking to national, regional and global value chains
    • A mechanism that delivers results through implementation

    NES Process





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