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Central America: Women and e-commerce

  • Linking Central American Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) with the Global Gifts and Home Decoration Market is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC) in collaboration with the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA) and national implementing partners.

    The beneficiary countries are Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

    "The testimonials of the Central American women entrepreneurs who have directly benefited are proof of the success of this initiative. They were able to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills to sell their products online.”
    Francisco Lima Mena, general secretary, SIECA

    "Thanks to the partnership with DHL, I was able to reduce my shipping time from 3 to 4 weeks to 3 to 4 days, without changing my pricing. DHL's preferential shipping rates have also allowed me to offer free shipping to my customers, and we have since sent several products to Houston, Texas, which was previously an issue due to shipping. With ITC's support, I can now send customers my products quickly and securely!"
    Elena San Martín, founder of Nicteel Ceramics, Honduras

    "Supporting someone at a distance is not easy. Our collaboration in the E-commerce Leadership Programme has been an adventure, and dedication and motivation have been key. The tutor learns as much as the student. Undoubtedly, I would repeat the mentoring experience."
    Lucreacia de González, founder of Casa Cotzal, Guatemala

    "The fact that a team of professionals with such dedication helped me make my own website is the best gift that I could have received. I couldn't have done it alone. Having been prepared to sell online in 2020 has made sales possible since the beginning of the pandemic. And it continues to be like that."
    Rebeca Zamora, founder of Gato Negro, Costa Rica

    "I have managed to sell more than I expected on Instagram and I have learned a lot throughout the process. Having participated in the project allowed me to obtain the knowledge to make my first exports to the United States and Guatemala."
    Johanna Canahuati, founder of Joe Canahuati Handbags, El Salvador

    I am very excited to be able to pass on experience and knowledge to a motivated colleague. It would be great to replicate the E-commerce Leadership Programme at a wider scale, including more mentees. I really like to see how my student responds to the advice I give her."
    Anna Sophia Reyes, founder of Achiote, Guatemala

    "This project has managed to drastically change the vision of businesswomen and their way of doing business. Today, they are businesswomen with a more open mind, more confident of their abilities and much more motivated to be the pioneers in Nicaragua in entering the world of electronic commerce."
    Yudyth Cerda, business intelligent specialist at Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua (APEN)


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