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    Quality products, with well-designed branding still need to find their way to the shelf and generate the interest and motivation of customers. Increasingly this includes a digital marketing component that can enhance both e-commerce and in-store sales. Promotion+ provides elaborate approaches to help enterprises implement online and offline marketing promotion campaigns.

    PROMOTION+ is composed of different modules, used individually or integrated within a project

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    Promotion plan

    Design of campaigns, including media channels and execution planning

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    In-store promo

    Planning and execution of pop up stores, promotional and sales events

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    Sales and Negotiation

    Advisory and training on preparing for meetings, negotiating with potential customers and managing the relations

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    Online Promo

    Digital Marketing – including website effectiveness – search engine optimisation (SEO), ad words, affiliate marketing, display advertisement and customer engagement


    • Design packaging that corresponds to market requirements and shows the product to its advantage

    • Understand the costs of promoting products or services toward local and international buyers and determine the best approach

    • Test the demand for products with real customers and professional buyers

    • Develop the skills and arguments to present products and services to potential customers

    • Build reputation, increase sales and engage customers through digital marketing


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      Rwanda: sales and negotiation training

      In preparation for a major buyer-seller meeting ITC trained enterprises on techniques of sales presentation and negotiation.

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      Zanzibar: Branding the island and its spices

      A new brand was designed to market cloves and other spices. ITC led the strategy and design of the new brand, sourced packaging and labels, and developed communications.

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      France: a Pop Up Store

      In the heart of the Paris fashion retail district, ITC rented a store on a short-term lease and coached enterprises in selling their products to consumers and professional buyers.

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