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    #360Diagnostics Start-up Maturity Assessment Tool

    A digital tool developed by ITC in conducting its diagnostic sessions. It is a bilingual tool with a set of questions assessing different areas of the start-ups. For instance, there are questions regarding financial management, communication, vision etc. The diagnosis assesses the obstacles to growth, strategic direction, management, marketing, export... all the essential criteria are scrutinised in order to draw up an informative and comprehensive assessment. It also allows founders to compare their business practices against best practices, identify gaps and their competitive advantages.
    During the diagnostic sessions, founders/CEOs will be asked about these topics in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses. At the end of each session, this tool will generate a report, a dashboard with a bench-marking system and a radar chart showing the results. There will also be recommendations for action for the start-ups to follow up. This tool is also developed as a web based application.

    #360Diagnostics Due-Diligence Tool

    The Due-Diligence Tool is developed to support start-ups become investment ready by taking them through a due diligence process. Start-ups and entrepreneurs are evaluated on the following areas: Business Evaluation, Exit Evaluation, Operations, Economics, Business Model, Customer & Product, the Market. The due-diligence consists of 1 hour face-to-face meetings with the start-ups, with a detailed questionnaire that reviews the most critical DD areas, with indicators, ranging from 0 – 25 – 50 – 75 -100%. It then generates a radar chart result and automated recommendations for improvement on low scores.

    #360Diagnostics Internationalization Readiness Tool

    The Internationalization Readiness tool assesses the potential of a tech start-up to expand internationally. A detailed questionnaire evaluates different areas such as the tech startup’s service offering, growth strategy, and market entry approach. Based on the findings, a report will be shared with the start-up founder, including a benchmark view on the expansion readiness of the start-up.

    Match-making (B2B and B2I)

    At the level of the market, we connect businesses with other businesses and investors. This includes different networking opportunities and exposure to potential investors. ITC will regularly organise events, such as Mass Challenges, which will pool start-ups from beneficiary countries to pitch for funding. ITC will also support start-ups to attend (pitching) events like Slush and Seedstars, and facilitate introductions to partner Venture Capital firms where relevant.

    The Art of Pitching

    When working with start-ups, we offer coaching on improving different aspects of the start-ups. For instance, coaching on how to pitch is an essential element for the start-ups to thrive. We often follow the structure outlined below: 

    • Hook
    • Solve the problem, solution, value proposition and back up with facts
    • Business Model
    • Your team and credibility
    • Practice, practice and practice

    Cutting-edge research guidance

    ITC advises entrepreneurs to focus on market opportunities in relation to conventional sectors like agriculture with a view of supporting the provision of tech solutions to enhance competiveness and sustainability of traditional sectors. ITC provides tools for trade and market intelligence for tech enterprises, either through an online portal fully dedicated to start-up fundraising, or by working in partnership with existing ones (VC4A, DisruptAfrica). Furthermore, we develop and outsource different deep-dive publications on different topics in order to provide cutting-edge research for our start-ups. A recent publication, Tech Hubs in Africa, discusses how tech hubs support start-ups across the continent. Another publication which will come out soon discusses the IT & BPO Markets of 11 African countries.

    External Tools

    The list below is not comprehensive and the tools referenced here are examples of what is available online, either free of charge or at a cost.

    How to Create a Compelling Business

    Many entrepreneurs come up with a great business idea, however it is hard to materialize the concept. Where do you start, what do you need to get started, how to turn this idea into reality? These questions and more will be answered in an on-demand webinar offered by Stanford.

    The webinar is hosted by Stanford Professors with over 60 years of experience advising, investing in, and launching hundreds of companies. They will guide you through concrete ways to shape, frame, communicate and execute a new business idea. Gain valuable knowledge you need to begin building your business plan and setting the foundation for a successful launch.

    What will you learn?
    - Techniques to assess your business opportunity
    - Ways to survey your competitive landscape and establish intellectual property
    - Best practices for forming a successful founding team
    - Strategies for approaching investors, both in-person and in this new, virtual environment

    Find here the link to register:
    Value Proposition Canvas

    The Value Proposition Canvas has two parts: a Customer Profile and a Value Map. Customer Profile describes how the business relates to the customer jobs, pains, gains, according to their importance, severity and relevance. Value Map includes products and services, pain relievers, and gain creators which the business generates. The Value Proposition Canvas is important to make sure that entrepreneurs can clearly explain the values they bring to the customers, and this canvas ensures they will have a proper understanding what to and how to communicate to their customers. Elements of this includes: asking entrepreneurs to think about how their businesses differentiate from their competitors, and what problems they are trying to resolve.

    Business Model Canvas

    Following the Value Proposition Canvas, the Business Model Canvas is a template that enables entrepreneurs in developing their business models that describes how their organisations create, deliver and capture value. This template consists of 9 Building Blocks, customer segments, value propositions, customer relationships, revenue streams, key partnerships, cost structure, to name but a few, which helps entrepreneurs envision their businesses in a structured and simple way. This is taken from Strategyzer in delivering a strategic and lean business model canvas. This shows the logic of how a company intends to make money and envision it in an easy yet complete way.

    Factory 24

    Factory24 is an initiative in which Afrolynk aims to mentor and train individuals, and entrepreneurs in the technological sector, by creating a platform for young Africans to learn for free and pay for the certification – with the ultimate goal of being the platform and the source of disruptive innovations in Africa to develop and build solutions that overcome current social-economic challenges and transform Africa's human capital in technology.

    Online Due-Diligence Service

    FoxyMojo is a Malaysian financial valuation and advisory consultancy offers an online due diligence and valuation service. The selected start-ups will be evaluated including their 3 to 5 years strategic plan/pitch deck and being offered advice on the following:
    1. Business Value for fundraising
    2. 90 minutes consultation on valuation results which includes financial advisory.
    3. Membership to Foxymojo’s Business Network for South East Asia and Global market access and investment opportunities.

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