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INTEGRA: The trainings


    The purpose of the INTEGRA programme is to support the integration of youth and re-integration of migrant youth in gaining tangible skills to earn a living autonomously. ITC has launched a range of trainings in youth entrepreneurship, agribusiness, food quality and safety, market profiling as well as ICT.

    These courses help identify promising niches for youth seeking jobs, to facilitate their employability and ease their integration into working life. The learning approach for these trainings hinges on learning by doing and includes a number of practical sessions for trainees to put themselves in everyday situations and gain a hands-on experience with skills being taught.


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    INTEGRA Guinea is financed by the European Union

  • Guinée
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    Aissatou Diallo
    Senior Coordinator, AfCFTA and LDCs
    +41-22 730 0284


    Syed, Sadiq
    +41 22 73 00 299