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    The MARKUP partner states window - Burundi complements the interventions provided under the regional window and sets a focus on strengthening the National Quality Infrastructure. It is important for Burundi to have a competent and internationally recognized quality infrastructure system in order to support compliance with sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures and technical regulations. Accordingly, the overall objective "to contribute to economic development of Burundi" and the specific objective to "improve market access to EU and EAC region for Burundi agro-industrial and horticultural sectors" shall be achieved through three expected results of project activities. The results are: 1) National Quality Infrastructure framework, inspection and certification services strengthened, 2) Laboratory testing capacities for coffee/tea improved and 3) Quality related extension services strengthened. The action aims at addressing both supply side and market access constraints in coffee, tea and horticulture sectors, supporting the participation in regional and global value chains.

    The most important project partners and project beneficiaries are:

    • Ministry of Finances, Budget and Cooperation for Economic Development
    • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
    • Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock
    • Ministry to the Office of the President Responsible for EAC Affairs
    • Burundi Bureau of Standards and Quality Control (BBN)
    • Regulatory Authority of the Burundi Coffee Sector (ARFIC)
    • Burundi Tea Office (OTB)
    • National Food Technology Centre (CNTA)
    • Institute for Agricultural Science of Burundi (ISABU)
    • Department of Plant Protection of Burundi (DPV)
    • InterCafé Burundi
    • Prothem

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