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  • Welcome to the Netherlands Trust Fund – Phase V

    The Netherlands Trust Fund V (NTF V) programme was approved in July 2021 and will run until June 2025. The programme is based on a partnership agreement signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands and the International Trade Centre. Its ambition is to contribute to rebuilding back better in the targeted countries with a focus on MSMEs in the digital technologies and agribusiness sectors, linking up both for synergies and business opportunities.

    The programme covers both sectors in Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal, as well as a multi-country approach aimed at the digital technologies sector in Ivory Coast, Benin, Mali and Uganda. It also includes a follow-up project to support the tourism industry in Myanmar. As previous NTF programmes, NTF V will be jointly implemented with the Dutch Centre for the promotion of exports from developing countries (CBI).

    • In the digital technology sector, activities will focus on more business-friendly tech ecosystems, in particular strengthening support organizations such as tech hubs, equipping tech start-ups and MSMEs with resilient business models, linking them to business and investment opportunities and digitalization of traditional SMEs.
    • Agribusiness services sector activities will focus on identifying resilient and sustainable business and production models, strengthening public-private alliances and support ecosystems, building capacity for value chain operations in areas such as market development, climate smart operations, value addition, quality, access to finance, digitalisation and developing investment strategies to ensure leveraging of investment.

    In view of the situation resulting from the global Covid crisis, the key performance indicators for NTF V are ambitious:

    • Thousands of more competitive MSMEs,
    • Sales of supported companies near $90m,
    • Tens of thousands of jobs supported and a positive effect on more than 200,000 people
    • The programme can also bring in-kind and other contributions accounting for an additional 50% of project value.

    To track these results, the programme will put in place a monitoring system using real-time CRM and active risk management data that will allows collecting and visualizing project output and impact data working especially through partnerships and building on NTF IV dashboard systems to enable the NTF V Steering Group to quickly see progress, calculate value for money and make course corrections.

    Perhaps most importantly, ITC will continue its focus on sustaining project results already documented in evaluations of earlier phases. NTF V will focus on achieving policy and strategic change with institutions. Throughout the work, ITC also builds alliances and partnerships that endure well beyond the life of the project, much of which results in ongoing profitable business relationships, what we call commercial sustainability.

    The inception phase of the programme started in July and will end in December 2021. It will be used to scope the projects in close coordination with country stakeholders.


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