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  • February 2020: Launch of the EU-Nepal Trade and Investment Programme in Kathmandu

    On 27 February 2020, the International Trade Centre announced the new four-year project to strengthen Nepal's path towards more inclusive economic growth and greater integration into regional and global value chains.

    Funded by the European Union, the 'EU-Nepal Trade-Related Assistance: Facilitating Increased Trade and Participation in Coffee and Pashmina Value Chains' project is implemented by the International Trade Centre in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies.

    Building on ITC's long experience in providing trade-related technical assistance in Nepal, the project contributes to the country's efforts to achieve greater sustainable economic growth and development, and its goal of graduating from the least developed country (LDC) category in the near future.

    More than 150 stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries from the Government of Nepal and private sectors associations attended the event, held in Kathmandu.

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  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies in Nepal

    In collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies in Nepal