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  • About EnACT

    EnACT, “Enhancing Arab Capacity for Trade” is an International Trade Centre (ITC) technical assistance facility funded in large part by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Enact capitalises on the long term partnership and trade development expertise of ITC to develop the full export potential of the five programme countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.
    The countries covered by EnACT are characterised by having young demographics, are endowed with natural resources and strong agricultural and industrial potential as well as a relative proximity to buyer markets in Europe, the Gulf’s oil rich region and the rest of Africa. In addition, their own mutually growing markets have the strong potential to absorb products and services originated regionally. 


  • ITC Work in the Region

    Much work has already been done by individual countries and in some cases competitive products originating from these countries are already on international markets. EnACT intends to harness ITC’s successful experiences around the globe to strengthen national export strategies, create further regional potential for intra-trade, enhance regional integration which is currently below potential; through further activating existing trade cooperation and agreements, creating easier access for competitive products and services.
    EnACT works in coordination with other donors and UN specialised agencies. ITC will also use its’ global network to create trade and technical linkages between these countries and other emerging economies.

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    Millennium Development Goals

    EnACT falls under the Aid for Trade cluster of activities; it is also striving at sharing environmentally sound best practices with its partners and stakeholders in line with MDGs number 7 and 8, i.e. ensuring environmental sustainability, developing a global partnership for development. In addition, EnACT focuses on MDG number 3, promoting gender equality and empowering women.

    Millennium development goals 

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    Role of women and youth

    A particular area of focus for the EnACT program is to streamline the role of women and the youth in export related activities. EnACT will pay particular attention to strengthening skill building activities, allowing for export related employment creation, in particular enabling women and youth to be more equipped to secure and sustain their jobs in the export sector. 

    Role of women and youth 

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