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RESI Jordan

  • Jordan hosts more than 650,000 registered Syrian refugees, who make up about 7% of the country’s population. The magnitude and impact of the Syrian crisis is causing constraints on Jordan’s economy and hindering economic growth. The rapid increase in population causes Syrian refugees and Jordanians alike to be highly vulnerable to poverty.

    In Jordan, RESI aims to equip refugees with skills and experiences that they will be able to take with them either back to Syria or to a resettlement country. The RESI Jordan project trains youth in front-end web development as well as graphic design.

    Implemented with the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan, the four-month technical and vocational training programme equips participants to use digital channels as a new and innovative way to connect with clients, secure contracts and enter new markets. The 86 students – half of whom are women and about 40% of whom are Syrians – were selected from 650 applicants for the programme. About 42 received training on front-end development and the rest in graphic design. Learn more about the training programme here

    With RESI, refugees and youth are given the tools to transact high quality services through on-line markets, using their upgraded set of skills and their newly-acquired knowledge of online marketplaces to gain jobs and generate sustainable sources of income. On-line coaching and one-to-one mentoring once the training programme is finished supports the trainees in acquiring and successfully completing their first jobs.

    The RESI Jordan project is funded by the Government of Japan. 

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