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Mitreeki East Africa – India Partnership


    Mitreeki East Africa – India Partnership

    The Mitreeki East Africa-India Partnership was launched by SITA in March 2017 to build a platform for African women to share ideas, knowledge, experience and best practice with Indian and international experts. The initiative is facilitated and sustained through a community of practice, training workshops and networking/exhibiting opportunities. Mitreeki is specifically focused on developing skills and knowledge among women entrepreneurs in five SITA target countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and United Republic of Tanzania.

    Business linkages have been created regionally and between East Africa and India by bringing industry players together. The four key areas of activity include: capacity building; trade promotion; investment facilitation; and partnerships.

    Mitreeki is:

    Community of Practice 

    The SITA Mitreeki Community of Practice is an online forum for women entrepreneurs to share information and exchange on themes relevant to entrepreneurship and business. Discussions are cross-sectoral and include topics such as social entrepreneurship, fashion and design and agriculture. Here members can also find out about upcoming opportunities and activities.


    E-learning courses are offered on a range of topics to provide Mitreeki women entrepreneurs with new knowledge and skills to better manage their businesses. Courses are delivered through ITC’s SME Trade Academy.

    Mitreeki Training and Other Events

    Face-to-face and in-depth trainings are offered through Mitreeki. Trainings cover both technical aspects and business-related topics using local knowledge as well as best practice, technology and know-how from India. Mitreeki members are also invited to participate in SITA’s sector-specific trade and investment promotion and capacity building initiatives.

    For more information or to join Mitreeki, contact mitreeki@intracen.org

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