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2018: Business ecosystems for the digital age

  • SME Competitiveness Outlook2018

    About this report

    Digitalization and the rise of the platform economy are rapidly changing the way in which firms do business. A strong business ecosystem is necessary to manage this change. This year’s SME Competitiveness Outlook tells how to build it.

    The publication describes major drivers of change, opportunities and challenges they create for SMEs, and suggests ideas on how different players in the ecosystem can make use of these developments to better serve SMEs. These players will have to embrace data and technologies, forge innovative partnerships, and take calculated risks to build trust and help SMEs manage the transition to new technologies.

    Key messages

    • Trade promotion organizations: Make ‘big data’ work for small firms.
    • Vocational education and training providers: Get ready for the digital age: anticipate, act and adjust. There is no time for perfect solutions. Identify your “gazelles” and involve them in training.
    • Quality infrastructure: Generate trust in the digital economy.
    • Last mile in transport and communications: New technologies emerge, but old challenges remain. Public-private partnerships need to find effective ways to share costs and responsibilities. 
    • Women are less likely to have internet access than men, but where women have access to digital platforms, they use them to their advantage.

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