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MOVING FORWARD: THE FUTURE OF TRADE AND INVESTMENT PROMOTION Megatrends are influencing the shape of the economic and social environment in which Trade and Investment Promotion Organizations (TPOs) operate. TPOs need to consider those trends to advance future scenarios; to determine how they can best support their clients; and to anticipate the changes that they need in their own operations. This will allow TPOs to remain relevant and effective in advising and supporting businesses, thus improving their positive impact on growth and employment in the long term. The 11th TPO Network World Conference will discuss the influence of megatrends and the evolving role of TPOs as agents of change for SME competitiveness.

23 - 26 November 2016
Palmeraie Conference Center, Circuit de la Palmeraie, Marrakech, 40000, Morocco

Wednesday, 23 November

Thursday, 24 November

Friday, 25 November




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