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Trade recovery strategies

  • Trade Recovery Strategy: Relieving the Impacts of COVID-19

    Trade recovery strategies are ITC’s response to the challenges and disruptions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    ITC’s trade recovery strategies provide a rapid but long-term response to addressing the new reality emerging in international markets. Individual recovery strategies can be designed within 3–4 months through remote consultations to ensure partner countries emerge from the current crisis in a stronger position. Recently, ITC published a study on the impact of COVID-19 on Myanmar's export sectors. Read the report here.

    Short-term response: Managing disruption and strengthening critical sectors

    The short-term response of trade recovery strategies focuses on strengthening critical and systemically important sectors that continue to grow despite global value chain breakdowns. These sectors include: agriculture and food processing, health, pharmaceutical, sanitary industries, and information and communications technology. Likewise, support functions necessary to thrive in a low-touch society are addressed, such as transport, logistics management and e-commerce.

    The strategy will support partner countries to strengthen these sectors despite the uncertainty created as a result of the pandemic. It will identify tailor-made solutions for countries to enable them to navigate trade disturbances such as export bans, uncertain trade relations and shifts in production capacity.

    In the short-term, the strategy will support partner countries to:

    • Identify the trade impact of COVID-19 on its key export sectors, particularly on its SMEs.
    • Identify new business relations and distribution channels, domestic and foreign.
    • Manage trade restrictions, re-build supply capacity, and develop digital supply-chains to maintain movement of goods while adhering to safety measures.
    • Develop roadmaps to strengthen transport and logistics capabilities and to manage risk.
    • Leverage digital channels and ICT tools to ensure MSMEs’ capacity to continue working.
    • Build capacity and processes around new sanitary and work safety rules, and in food safety compliance, especially for compliance with SPS, health and other voluntary standards in export markets.
    Trade Recovery Strategy: Relieving the Impacts of COVID-19-1

    Medium-to long-term response: Building economic resilience and improving business agility to face the “new normal”

    ITC will assist countries to build economic resilience, to identify opportunities for diversification of production, to strengthen the agility of the business operating environment, and create domestic, regional and international markets.

    In the long-term, the strategy will support the country to:

    • Chart medium-and long-term value chain risk assessments to help policymakers understand economic vulnerabilities, and propose contingency plans and appropriate long-term responses.
    • Identify and plan for a sound business environment, especially competition, access to finance, trade facilitation and international logistics for businesses to strengthen resilience.
    • Help MSMEs to adopt agile management practices and connect to digital platforms and go global through e-commerce.
    • Develop e-Strategies for governments and TISIs to provide online and digital support services for MSMEs.
    • Support digitalization of traditional value-chains for enhanced quality, traceability and compliance.
    Trade Recovery Strategy: Relieving the Impacts of COVID-19-2

    Next steps

    next steps-Aware of the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, ITC has designed its trade recovery strategy to be created remotely. Its digital delivery will be facilitated by online tools that will allow for a consultative and comprehensive approach.

    ITC is ready to deliver individual trade recovery strategy in 3–4 months.

    If you would like to learn more about ITC's trade development strategies, please contact us.

    Learn more about the work ITC is doing to support small businesses through the COVID-19 crisis by visiting our dedicated COVID-19 response page.



    Enquiries should be directed to:

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    Chief, Trade Development Strategies Programme
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