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WACOMP Sierra Leone

  • About WACOMP Sierra Leone

    As the implementing partner of West Africa Competitiveness Programme (WACOMP) in Sierra Leone, ITC will support UNIDO in programme implementation at the national level and support the country’s integration into regional and international trade systems. Based on the regions industrialisation priorities, the programme’s value chains will seek to strengthen the competitiveness of cassava, palm oil and cocoa at a national level.

    The national programme of WACOMP Sierra Leone aims to increase the competitiveness of small businesses within the selected agricultural sectors by strengthening and improving the delivery services MSMEs receive from institutions. Based on the regions industrialisation priorities, the programme’s value chains will seek to strengthen the competitiveness of cassava, palm oil and cocoa at a national level.

    A look at Sierra Leone

    For Sierra Leone agricultural development will play a key role in the country’s economic development. Being that the identified value chains cocoa, cassava and palm oil already carry good export potential, with a modernised agribusiness industry agricultural employment will increase and improve employment opportunities for youth and women. Giving smallholder farmers and producers increased access to markets, improved income as well as more inclusive value chains through the greater inclusion of women and youth in these agricultural transformation endeavours.

    Through WACOMP Sierra Leone interventions, small-scale farmers will improve their income, gain employment and increase productivity in both imports and exports. To promote export and market diversification efforts, the Sierra Leonean government has strengthened the country’s institutional, legal and regulatory framework for policymaking.

    ITC’s Role in WACOMP Sierra Leone

    Through WACOMP Sierra Leone, ITC will enhance the product development and market access opportunities for smallholder farmers in the programme’s primary value chains. ITC will concentrate on smallholder farmers increasing their income and productivity as well creating opportunities for employment. This will boost the country’s imports and exports and further its efforts in export and market diversification.

    The Sierra Leonean government is focused on strengthening the institutional, legal and regulatory mechanisms for policy making in the country. For product development, ITC’s objective is to contribute towards the increased transparency in the working processes of Sierra Leone’s end products. To achieve this the programme will reinforce farmer and producer organisations for better produce, promote synergies between farmer and buyers to increase market opportunities, provide access to finance services for SMEs and address standards in quality to improve product competitiveness.

    Programme Value Chains

    In the Cocoa sector, ITC will work towards increased transparency in the processing operations. With the aim for improved quality, quantity and competition, establishing sustainable tracing mechanisms, reinforcing producer associations, increasing export market diversification and enabling access to finance.

    Cassava holds great potential in contributing to enhanced food security and reduced poverty in Sierra Leone. By providing technical assistance for product development, marketing and compliance with quality standards, ITC will contribute to strengthening the sectors competitiveness. ITC will also undertake capacity-building activities to reinforce registered farmer organisations, marketing entities, agri-businesses as well as other rural businesses.

    The palm oil sector indicates a promising amount of market opportunities in comparison to other value chains in the country. To boost the dwindling relationship between producers and market buyers, ITC will provide technical assistance to boost trade and export by establishing a conducive business environment with a focus on promoting synergies between national and regional trade policies.

    Programme and its partners

    The programme is set to last four years (until 2022), with a mandate to adopt regional policies and encourage industrial competitiveness. ITC will work in cooperation with Sierra Leone’s government ministries, departments and public institutions. These include the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security as well as the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau and the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency..

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    Senior Coordinator, AfCFTA and LDCs
    Email: diallo@intracen.org
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    Yared Befecadu
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