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    The EU established the West Africa Competitiveness Programme (WACOMP) along with the ECOWAS commission to increase competitiveness in the region by promoting selected agro-food products as WACOMP Regional catalysts for growth in the regional market. Currently, the region remains reliant on the economic successes of oil, gas and mineral resources. By developing trade and production capabilities countries will foster a dynamic market, benefit from an improved business environment, newly created jobs and employ a higher standard for value added products and services.

    The objective of WACOMP is to strengthen competitiveness of West African countries and enhance their integration into the regional and international trading system. To reach this overarching goal, the programme will work to:

    • improve the performance, growth and contribution to industry, regional trade and exports of selected value chains, and
    • improve the business climate at national and regional levels.

    The programme is aligned to support the implementation of the West African regional policies and programmes, including the West Africa Common Industrial Policy (WACIP), West Africa Quality System Programme (WAQSP) and ECOWAS Private Sector Development Strategy, will be instrumental in creating the foundations and promoting access of West African countries to the EU External Investment Plan (EIP).

    WACOMP has 16 National components and 1 regional component.

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  • In collaboration with

    Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)


    A Project Funded by the European Union


  • Contact

    Aissatou Diallo
    Senior Coordinator, AfCFTA and LDCs
    Email: diallo@intracen.org
    Tel: +41-22 730 0284

    Yared Befecadu
    Programme Manager (WACOMP Regional, WACOMP Sierra Leone and WACOMP Guinea)
    Email: befecadu@intracen.org
    Tel: +41-22 730 0434

    Thomas Bechmann
    Programme Manager (WACOMP Senegal)
    Email : bechmann@intracen.org
    Tel : +41-22-730 0293