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World Trade Promotion Organisation Awards

  • World Trade Promotion Organisation Awards

    Every two years, the International Trade Centre partners with a national TPO to host the TPO Network Conference. This is when we celebrate inspiring organizations creating trade impact for good.

    Since 2004, the WTPO Awards have been recognizing outstanding TPO practices, promoting success, innovation and the sharing of excellence. The WTPO Awards are open to national trade promotion organizations mandated by the government to promote the country's national export strategy. Some of these institutions also engage in investment promotion.


    Awards model

    To ensure a fair comparison of diverse TPO practices, ITC has developed a standard approach for describing processes and procedures and for reviewing entries. ITC has identified three typologies of TPO's initiatives, namely:

    • Export promotion initiatives: activities aimed at generating sustainable exports in a relatively short term;
    • Export development initiatives: activities aimed at building the capacities of exporting enterprises in the medium and longer term;
    • Corporate social responsibility initiatives: activities aimed at raising awareness on issues of general interest and contribute to the public good, for example, issues such as discrimination, the environment, etc.


    The WTPO Awards are designed to consider these three types of TPO initiatives. The 2022 awards focus on Export development initiatives.



    The jury is composed a senior representative from the TPOs that won at the previous WTPO Awards, and the past and current host organization of the WTPO conference.


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