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Benefits and recognition

  • Why Enter?

    While winning an award is an important benefit, many former winners state that the process of entering is where the real value lies by encouraging deep analysis of process and the objective evaluation of outcomes against strategic goals.

    Tangible benefits of participating in the WTPO Awards include the opportunity to:

    Demonstrate impact

    Whether your organization wins an award or is nominated for the shorlist, this news can be used for public relations purposes to demonstrate your effectiveness to policymakers and increase your influence with stakeholders, helping to gain the resources and support you need.

    Be recognized

    The peer-reviewed process promotes recognition of your success among the TPO Network community and beyond.

    Increase visibility

    Shortlisted nominees will have the opportunity to participate in social media/video training to showcase their initiatives. The videos produced by the nominees using smartphones will be displayed during the WTPO conference and distributed through global social network channels.

    • Stage 2 applicants will have the opportunity to participate in a social media/video training to produce a short video of their initiative. The videos of the shortlisted nominees will be displayed during the conference and distributed on ITC’s website and global social network channels;
    • Winners will be entitled to use the WTPO Award winners’ logos on their corporate communications;
    • Winners will be featured on ITC’s website;
    • ITC will develop and publish an E-publication of the Winners’ Booklet with the respective winners. 


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