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The 2022 Award categories

  • Entrants will apply under one of this year’s three award categories:


    Best use of partnerships

    This award recognizes the successful use of integrated partnerships and networks to advance export development and impact. Examples may include sector or regional networks, private-public partnerships and “clustering to compete” initiatives, among others.


    Best use of information technology

    This award recognizes a digital innovation introduced by a TPO that improves productivity, efficiency, marketing or performance. Examples are digital marketing campaigns, use of online databases and statistics, online B2B marketplace initiatives, digital tools such as online toolkits, use of big data, e-learning platforms such as tutorials/videos or e-commerce support.


    Best initiative to ensure that trade is inclusive and sustainable

    This award focuses on initiatives that respond to at least one (and preferably more) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Examples would be women’s cooperatives, promotion and distribution of indigenous crafts, skills training, sustainable sourcing and distribution models, etc. Please see the Entry Guide for further information about this award.

    Further information

    The WTPO Awards Entry Guide provides detailed information about the entry process and evaluation criteria.

    For more information about the WTPO Awards, please contact the WTPO Conference and Awards team at: wtpo-awards@intracen.org


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