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Country Brief

Burundi is a small, landlocked country located in the Great Lakes region in Central Africa. Burundi is currently undergoing the transition from a post-conflict state to that of a stable and growing economy. The goal now is to grow an increasingly stable, competitive and diversified economy with enhanced opportunities for productive employment and improved standards of living. Burundi’s very narrow export base has not changed notably over the last decade and its export earnings remain highly dependent on primary products, predominantly coffee and tea. The pursuit of regional integration is corner stone of Burundi’s trade policy, with the country being a member of the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa and more recently joining the East African Community.

Export potential

Notes: Top 20 products listed in decreasing order of their export potential to the world. Development indicators are relative to the country’s current situation, green indicating performance above its trade-weighted median and red otherwise. A blank cell indicates that data are not available. A blank cell in export potential means that the product was not consistently demanded over five years by any country in the respective region. Exports (US$ thousand) correspond to average exports to the world over the period 2009-2013.