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Country Brief

Cameroon is a low middle income country of abundant and diverse natural resources. Crude oil, lumber, cocoa, coffee and cotton are among its key exports commodities towards mainly the Chinese market, Netherlands, Spain, India and Portugal. Thanks to its diversified and strong economy, Cameroon is considered the motor of the central African Region, especially for the CEMAC countries. Its leading partners in the zone are Equatorial Guinea, followed by Chad and Congo. Nonetheless, the country still has difficulties channeling the revenues obtained from trade into structural investments in infrastructure and the productive sectors. 

Cameroon is accumulating great efforts to facilitate its trade environment. In 2013 the country was classified 161 out of 185 countries on the Ease of Doing Business ranking, which constitutes a move upward of more than 4 places from its rank in the previous year. The Douala free port is the hub of foreign trade and importers are allowed eleven free days without having to pay storage fees. Furthermore, the country is making tremendous efforts to optimize its one stop shop for foreign trade GUCE which digitalization is under way.