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Dominican Republic

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Country Brief

Recently recovered from the global recession, the Dominican Republic remains one of the fastest-growing economies in the region. The traditional main activity of the country, the export of sugar, coffee and tobacco, has been replaced by the services sector, in particular tourism and telecommunications, becoming the economy’s largest employer over the agricultural sector. Nevertheless, the agricultural sector has maintained its importance in terms of domestic consumption and is the second highest sector (behind mining) in terms of export earnings. Foreign direct investment is principally aimed towards the Dominican Republic’s manufacturing sector. 

ITC developed in 2014 its “2014-2018 Strategic Approach to the Caribbean Region” which focuses on implementing the recommendations of strategies recently developed by CARICOM for the cultural industries and professional services sectors. Therefore, ITC will work in the Caribbean mainly at regional level focusing on the two above-mentioned sectors. However, Dominican Republic, together with Cuba and Haiti may still require a differentiated approach given their particular situation within the Caribbean region.