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Country Brief

The Republic of Mali is a country in West Africa and is the eighth largest in Africa, with an area of just over 1,240,000 square kilometres. Among the 25 poorest countries in the world, Mali is also classified as a Least Developed Coutry (LDC) Mali remains dependent on foreign aid as the country's fiscal status tends to fluctuate with commodity prices and production levels. Cotton and gold make up the vast majority of Mali’s exports while industrial activity is mainly concentrated on the processing of farm commodities.

While Mali experienced economic growth of about 5% per year between 1996 and 2011, the combination of the global recession and political events in the north of the country in 2012 has caused a decline in output since then. Mali is a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and has been a WTO member since 1995.

ITC’s work in Mali has focused on expanding regional trade links among Francophone countries both within Africa and the Mekong as well as in the trade promotion and value addition aspects of African cotton. In addition, ITC is also committed to providing project development support to Mali under the context of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF).

Export potential

Notes: Top 20 products listed in decreasing order of their export potential to the world. Development indicators are relative to the country’s current situation, green indicating performance above its trade-weighted median and red otherwise. A blank cell indicates that data are not available. A blank cell in export potential means that the product was not consistently demanded over five years by any country in the respective region. Exports (US$ thousand) correspond to average exports to the world over the period 2009-2013.