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    Underpinned by the economic liberalization policies implemented during the 1990s, México has become one of the most promising emerging economies ranking the second largest economy in Latin America. Mexico is also one of the only two Latin American members of the OECD with an “upper-middle” income level. Mexico was severely affected by the financial crisis but the country recovered quickly, with GDP growth returning to positive levels in 2011 and 2012 as exports increased. The country still faces high poverty and inequality rates. Some of the key trade challenges include the competitiveness of its export sector for value-added products and services that can be threatened by the Pacific Alliance.

    Over the past few years, ITC work in Mexico has been focusing on women economic empowerment. There is increasing interest to support the country in other areas and decentralise ITC interventions at the State level. Being an OECD member country, ITC interventions in Mexico will depend on its capacity to mobilize Government funds.

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