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Country Brief

Tajikistan is a landlocked, Central Asian country that shares borders with Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Tajik exports are comprised mainly of aluminum, agricultural goods, and light industry. The most important market for Tajik products is Turkey, but exports are also destined for a variety of Asian, European, and CIS markets. The low level of product diversification and reliance upon natural resources makes the Tajik economy especially susceptible to volatile commodity prices. The imports of energy resources and advanced manufacturing products, which arrive largely from China, Russia, and Kazakhstan, have resulted in a significant trade deficit. Nevertheless, Tajikistan has taken steps to increase its global and regional integration through WTO accession in 2013 and by participating in the CIS free trade agreement. In order to enhance trade competitiveness, Tajikistan must address its low productivity, limited financial access, cumbersome regulatory and business environment, weak physical infrastructure, and underdeveloped quality management infrastructure.