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Country Brief

Uruguay has an export-oriented economy with a well-educated work force. Banking continues to be one of the strongest services exports of Uruguay, while agriculture places an important role in the country’s economy. Key trade issues include the need to enhance SMEs competitiveness and upgrade infrastructure. Finally there is need to diversify an economy based on a few primary commodities with value added products and services and also to diversify its market destinations. The Government is working improve competitiveness and attract foreign investment, to promote science, technology and innovation while continuing its regional and international integration. To support these efforts, ITC gives high priority to improve the access to relevant trade intelligence for improving their integration into regional and global value chains.


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Export potential

Notes: Top 20 products listed in decreasing order of their export potential to the world. Development indicators are relative to the country’s current situation, green indicating performance above its trade-weighted median and red otherwise. A blank cell indicates that data are not available. A blank cell in export potential means that the product was not consistently demanded over five years by any country in the respective region. Exports (US$ thousand) correspond to average exports to the world over the period 2009-2013.