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Digital Transformation for Good

  • Digital transformation for good

    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set an ambitious agenda that will shape global growth and development towards 2030. The SDGs are the world’s shared compass to achieving inclusive development for all.

    The international community needs to accelerate its common actions to meet the 2030 agenda. Trade is recognised as a key instrument to do so.

    The International Trade Centre (ITC) is expanding its range of tools and solutions to contribute to this much needed acceleration. Building digital into ITC’s development work allows us to turbo-charge the reach and effectiveness of our work and to use digital technologies to scale the impact of ITC’s interventions. This is ITC’s Digital Transformation for Good.

    Digital disruption and opportunity

    Online and social media platforms offer new markets and reduce the distance between producer and buyer. Innovative business models such as the sharing economy are disrupting established ways of doing business. Emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and additive manufacturing are reshaping how we produce, trade and consume.

    Digital trends are a two-edged sword for developing countries. With new capabilities and strategies, they can leapfrog into new markets. Conversely, failure to adapt to the disruption caused by new technologies could actually widen the digital divide.

    Addressing opportunities and delivering at scale in the digital era

    ITC’s Digital Transformation for Good approach will work with clients and partners to:

    • Leverage digital technology for inclusive growth.
    • Apply expertise in trade-related digital innovation for clients to make the most of the opportunities.

    ITC is contributing to achieving the SDGs by enabling developing countries to increase ‘good trade’, access new markets, and serve new sources of demand in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

    Digital transformation for good2

    Share, empower and grow

    ITC supports and increases business opportunities for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) by leveraging a range of digital solutions aimed at achieving growth and inclusiveness.


    Empower small businesses to trade online internationally

    Capacity building & specialist support: ITC accompanies SMEs in developing the required capabilities to engage in successful cross-border e-commerce.

    Shared solutions: Working with private sector partners and local institutions, ITC facilitates shared access to technologies, services and tailor-made solutions to overcome specific barriers to e-commerce growth.

    Building connections: ITC links entrepreneurs to markets, organises promotions and develops services with partners to support the development of e-commerce.

    Marketplaces and promotion: ITC helps raise awareness and interest in the online business of MSMEs through events and promotions with partners.

    Digital entrepreneurship

    Grow entrepreneurial potential within digital business models

    Scaling digital entrepreneurship
    : ITC accompanies tech entrepreneurs, start-ups, small enterprises and sector associations in the acquisition of business skills for international growth.

    Linking with investors and clients: experienced industry experts coach sector participants in preparation and implementation of international sales and marketing, and facilitate business matchmaking events to link investors, partners and clients with tech enterprises.

    Strengthening ecosystems: ITC builds the capabilities of information and communications technology sector associations and supporting services, such as incubators, innovation hubs and acceleration programmes, and facilitates effective mentoring and exchange of knowledge, both online and offline.


    Share inclusive access to information, strategies, learning and platforms
    Analytics for decisions: Impact begins with decision-makers having the right tools and information to make timely and informed decisions. ITC’s suite of “Analytics for decisions” renders global trade more transparent and facilitates better access to markets.

    E-strategies for action: ITC’s development strategies and road maps for e-business identify growth trajectories and opportunities and support digital transformation in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

    E-learning for skills: ITC’s SME Trade Academy provides a wide range of e-learning programmes, supporting capacity building of MSMEs and related business ecosystems.

    Platforms for growth
    : ITC’s online platforms enable efficient reach and scale in partnerships, learning and knowledge sharing.


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