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  • E-commerce is fast becoming the most significant channel for international trade and one that offers the potential for renewed economic growth in developing and least developed countries.

    Doing business digitally will be essential in the new era: unfortunately small businesses from these countries are often excluded from e-commerce due to the limited availability of international payment solutions, affordable and reliable logistics services and suitable technologies, on top of legal and regulatory barriers, insufficient skills and a lack of financial support.


    The ecomConnect programme aims to build the world's largest community of e-commerce entrepreneurs engaged in the sustainable development of small businesses online by facilitating shared learning, innovative solutions, collaboration and partnerships.


    • Tailored online and face-to-face training on how to undertake market research, develop an e-commerce pricing strategy, create digital content, handle online payments, manage inventory, prepare for shipment and customs clearance as well as promote products and services through digital channels.
    • Advisory and research services to support small businesses with their e-commerce development and expansion and resolve specific barriers, notably to access payment solutions, logistics services and e-commerce services.
    • Partnerships with private sector firms to provide key support to small businesses and enable them to share costs and other services essential to e-commerce.
    • Innovative tools and customized software solutions to help with the digitization of product catalogues, the assessment of a company's e-commerce readiness and the development of an e-commerce pricing strategy.
    • Promotional events to connect e-commerce businesses to international customers through online campaigns, trade fairs and exhibitions.
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