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  • This course provides participant with an overall introduction to the concept and practice of e-commerce. It also includes an "e-commerce readiness check" which will allow participants to gauge their level of preparation to start selling products or services online through an e-commerce channel.

    This course introduces SMEs to the importance of creating quality e-commerce content for their online initiatives, presenting them with useful guidelines for content creation, both for individual products as well as for companies as a whole. It is also available in Spanish.

    This course introduces participants to virtual marketplaces (VMPs), which are a type of e-commerce website on which individual businesses can sell their products or services internationally.

    This course introduces participants to the opportunities and challenges of becoming involved in B2B e-commerce. Finally, it concludes with a look at digital marketing and website optimization, with the goal of providing participants with tools to make their B2B e-commerce operations as effective as they can be. This course is also available in Arabic.

    This joint course by ITC and Diplo Foundation is designed to help participants better understand the multifaceted concept of e-commerce, the opportunities it offers to SMEs, and the steps necessary to create an enabling environment allowing for a greater uptake of e-commerce by both businesses and consumers.

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