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    Central America: Linking women business enterprises (WBEs) with the global gifts and home decoration market

    Starting in 2018, ITC is working with national implementing partners from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama to support 200 women-led businesses to export their handicrafts though e-commerce channels. The project, which is funded by the European Union and implemented in collaboration with the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA), covers the selection of key products and markets, developing attractive content for online product listings and optimizing e-commerce websites, marketplace stores and social media pages.

    The e-commerce activities are divided into four training workshops that are organised by the trainers of each country who have been previously trained by ITC. In addition to the workshops, ITC organises several e-labs to provide specific support to the most advanced companies.

    To scale the e-lab methodology and leverage the knowledge and experience of the advanced businesses, which received one-on-one e-commerce coaching, ITC has launched an e-commerce leadership programme. The businesses which have participated in the e-labs are taking on a mentoring role to share their learning and experience with less advanced businesses in the project. At the end of the programme, ITC will organise a pitch session where the teams will present their work.

    ITC works with several private sector partners to offer specific technical support and preferential rates to the participating companies. To read the latest updates about the project, click here.


    MENA region: revolutionizing e-commerce women-led businesses

    The project "E-commerce and women-led SMEs" launched in July 2019, is a regional project financed by the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) that aims to provide 750 women-led SMEs with access to markets through e-commerce platforms and improve e-commerce related business environment and infrastructure for women entrepreneurs. ITC will start implementing the project in Lebanon and Tunisia, where it will train and certify 40 e-commerce advisers and will make 255 women-led SMEs visible on e-commerce platforms.

    Central Asia: connecting SMEs worldwide through digital channels

    Ready4Trade Central Asia (R4TCA) is an EU-funded Project implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC) in close collaboration with national partners. This four-year initiative - 2020 to 2023 - aims at supporting the development of intra-regional and international trade in five Central Asian (CA) countries. This will be done by enhancing the transparency of cross-border requirements, removing regulatory and procedural barriers, strengthening business capability to comply with trade formalities and standards, as well as by improving cross-border e-commerce.

    Trade for Sustainable Development: positioning sustainable products in international markets

    The International Trade Centre's (ITC) Green2Compete Programme has established Hubs in Ghana, Kenya, Laos, Peru and Vietnam to help small businesses implement more sustainable business practices and access foreign markets. To help these businesses position their products in international markets, the programme, which is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), is joining forces with the ITC e-commerce team ecomConnect. A group of local e-commerce coaches is trained and prepared by ecomConnect to accompany the businesses on their way to sell online. Read more about the project here


    Rwanda: enabling the future of e-commerce

    Working with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and in partnership with GIZ, ITC has helped Rwanda develop an e-commerce marketing and logistics strategy for domestic e-commerce, create two online marketplaces and design an E-commerce Service Centre (ECSC) and 24 smaller ECSCs for consolidations and distribution of goods. With the technical assistance of DHL, the ECSC aims at facilitating the development of a crowd logistics solutions to leverage idle transportation capacity and reduce the cost of shipping domestically. It offers SMEs access to drop-in advisory, storage of small quantities of products and picking and packing and the delivery of goods to domestic and international customers. ITC has trained about 250 enterprises on subjects ranging from introduction to e-commerce and e-commerce strategy, trust in e-commerce, conducting online market research, advertising, and understanding e-marketplaces.

    Qatar: Foundations for B2B e-commerce

    As part of the country's effort to develop international B2B e-commerce, ITC helped Qatari enterprises access international marketplaces and sell their products online. Several workshops and training exercises were organised on key B2B e-commerce techniques and strategies. To review and improve existing websites, a digital audit was run and recommendations were provided. Guidelines and roadmaps for the future of Qatar's e-commerce strategy were also provided through extensive market research on B2B e-commerce trends and online demand for goods produced by Qatari companies.

    Azerbaijan: integration of SMEs into global value chains and access new markets

    The action helped small and medium sized enterprises from Eastern Partnership countries integrate into global value chains and access new markets with a focus on the European Union. The intervention assisted SMEs in producing value-added goods in accordance with international and EU market requirements, improving their e-commerce capacities and expanding their sales to international markets. As part of this process, the assistance will also strengthen the capacity of local business support organizations.

    Virtual Market Place (VMP)

    This project supported institutions and SMEs understand and prepare for e-commerce. 135 advisers were trained to support local firms and accompanied 430 SMEs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to successfully register on marketplaces. Read more here.

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