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    ITC is headed by an Executive Director, who reports to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Senior Management Committee (SMC) is made up the two executive officers and the heads of ITC’s four divisions.

    Internally, our organization is structured into the offices of the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director, and four divisions with Divisional Directors at the head.
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    Office of the Executive Director
    The Office of the Executive Director (OED) provides strategic leadership for the development and management of ITC. OED is responsible for determining ITC’s strategic direction within the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the global Aid for Trade arena. It ensures that appropriate policy and accountability mechanisms are in place, and secures resources to implement the strategy and expand the influence of ITC by raising awareness around its mission and key messages among stakeholders and the general public.

    Division of Enterprises and Institutions
    The Division of Enterprises and Institutions (DEI) works to connect MSMEs to international value chains, strengthen trade and investment support institutions, and promote and mainstream inclusive and green trade. DEI focuses on innovative and inclusive market-driven approaches to strengthen the international competitiveness of MSMEs from developing countries and economies in transition.

    Division of Country Programmes
    The Division of Country Programmes (DCP) ensures country ownership, coherence and impact of ITC’s Aid for Trade offering across 153 programme countries and regions. DCP comprises five dedicated regional offices and ITC’s Project Design Taskforce. DCP ensures strategic client-relationship management and coordination of ITC’s technical assistance at the national and regional levels with key public and private sector stakeholders

    Division of Market Development
    The Division of Market Development (DMD) provides thought leadership on MSME competitiveness, delivers competitive intelligence services, and supports governments in the design and implementation of trade development strategies. DMD provides supports to enterprises and business associations to provide a business perspective in the formulation of trade strategies and reform of policies and regulations at national and regional levels. The division promotes an inclusive public-private dialogue to address obstacles to international trade an investment and to provide customised solutions to remove them.

    Division of Programme Support
    The Division of Programme Support (DPS) is responsible for assisting the programme management of ITC in ensuring the efficient and effective management and utilization of human, financial, IT and other resources required to implement the ITC programme of work. DPS manages the administrative, legal and logistical support required by ITC.

    As of December 2016, ITC had a staff of 311, representing 82 nationalities. Of total staff, 170 were women and 160 staff were on the regular budget. More than 800 consultants and individual contractors provided further technical expertise to support ITC projects implemented during 2016.


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