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Consolidated Programme Document (CPD)

  • The CPD is your means of seeing what ITC intends to do in 2012-2013. It is organized by region and then by global projects and programmes. It also outlines the corporate operational improvements that ITC is making in order to ensure the impact of our technical work.

    Our project planning involves consultations with stakeholders at the project level, and at the regional level as well as through the JAG, and other stakeholder committees. The resulting CPD is based on these discussions with stakeholders and also with project counterparts to ensure the feasibility of projects and programmes.

    The CPD takes the high-level aims of the ITC and its stakeholders (the Strategic Plan and Strategic Framework) and translates those into projects and programmes. The projects that we choose to outline in our proposed work programme in the CPD are the means of achieving our shared goals.

    For greater detail of the sections responsible for projects and the work programmes, the Operational Plan should be seen as a partner document to the CPD.

    Operational Plan for 2012: English
    Operational Plan for 2013: English - French - Spanish

    Consolidated Document 2012-2013

    Download the Consolidated Programme Document for 2012-2013

    English - Arabic - Chinese - French - Russian - Spanish

    Past CPDs

    Consolidated Programme Document for 2011

    English - French - Spanish - Arabic - Russian - Chinese

    Consolidated Programme Document for 2010

    EnglishFrench - Spanish - Arabic - Russian - Chinese

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