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    The ITC Operational Plan establishes annual performance targets and specifies the resources needed to achieve results on an annual basis. As the name suggests, it operationalizes the ITC Strategic Plan (2018-2021) by specifying concrete actions and milestones to meet the organization’s commitments to clients, partners, governments and funders. 

    The ITC Operational Plan 2021 shows what we are doing with whom and where, working through projects and programmes in countries and regions and working globally through e-trade enabled services.

    The provides information on the source and application of funds to guide the work of ITC large programmes and the contributions made by individual projects. The document is the key corporate document used by ITC Senior Management to reflect the annual programming of the funds provided by our parent organizations, the UN and WTO, and other financing partners, including governments, regional bodies and the private sector. The plan is monitored continuously and results are reported through established governance mechanisms including the ITC Joint Advisory Group (JAG), the Consultative Committee of the ITC Trust Fund (CCITF), UNCTAD/WTO management, and United Nations Headquarters in New York.


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