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    • The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) and ITC continued their strong partnership within the NTF programme. In 2013, NTF II was successfully wrapped up. NTF III was planned and will be rolled out in 2014. In 2013, ITC and CBI also worked closely in the area of market intelligence.This included sharing data and strengthening each other’s market intelligence platforms.
    • In 2013, the Python Conservation Partnership was initiated, an innovative PPP between ITC, Kering (a French luxury brand) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Species Survival Commission Boa & Python Specialist Group. The data will contribute to the Convention on International Trade on Endagered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) process. The organizations partnered with the aim to improve the sustainability of python exports from South-East Asia.
    • ITC and private sector partners created the Global Platform for Action on Sourcing from Women Vendors to facilitate buyer-mentor group meetings. In 2013, meetings were held in the IT sectors in Bangalore, India, and in the clothing and textiles sector in London, United Kingdom.
    • ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative supports disadvantaged communities in East and West Africa by integrating producers into the global value chain of leading international fashion brands. In 2013, several new designers participated in the initiative
    • The Secretaría de Integración Economica Centroamericana (SIECA) and ITC have identified several areas for joint cooperation to strengthen regional economic integration in Central America. ITC and SIECA are focusing on boosting SMEs’ competitiveness and empowering women entrepreneurs.
    • ITC developed a collaboration programme with German-based engineering and electronics multinational Bosch on supply chain and logistics, working together on training programmes and field delivery.
    • Caribbean Export Development Agency and ITC are continuing their cooperation to strengthen public-private dialogue and reinforce national TSIs to connect Caribbean SMEs with international markets.
    • A memorandum of understanding was signed by ITC and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, which lays the foundation for cooperation on WTO training programmes for the business community, regional export strategies, trade information support and export competitiveness through institutional development.

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