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2016 TPO Network

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    Marrakesh; 24-25 November 2016
    Palmeraie Conference Center




    Megatrends are influencing the shape of the economic and social environment in which Trade and Investment Promotion Organizations (TPOs) operate. TPOs need to consider those trends to advance future scenarios; to determine how they can best support their clients; and to anticipate the changes that they need in their own operations. This will allow TPOs to remain relevant and effective in advising and supporting businesses, thus improving their positive impact on growth and employment in the long term.

    The 11th TPO Network World Conference will discuss the influence of megatrends and the evolving role of TPOs as agents of change for SME competitiveness. The conference will focus on:

    • Consequences of digital transformation
    • Rising trade and investment opportunities in Africa
    • Future shape of global value chains

    Join 200 representatives of TPOs and other trade development bodies to discuss how TPOs maximize the value they provide to businesses and contribute to national socioeconomic development. Participants will gain insights to creatively apply technology advances to adapt strategies, improve measurement systems and track sustainable impact. Each session theme will feature relevant research, case studies and good practices from TPO leaders and management professionals.


    The rise of social media, mobile Internet access and cloud computing provides inexpensive and easy access to information, creating new delivery channels and causing disruptive changes to the global business environment. Businesses can access new markets through innovation and the design and development of new products, new services and new business models.

    TPOs are required to keep up with and adapt to the technology curve in order to understand the business environment in which businesses compete; to improve service delivery efficiency; and develop new products and services that cater to the evolving needs of their clients.


    High growth rates and favourable demographics in key rapid-growth markets are likely to continue. This will be particularly significant for Africa, where 50% of the world’s population growth between now and 2050 is expected. Higher incomes will result in an ever-increasing consumption of products and services. Enterprises from Africa and beyond must prepare to leverage this opportunity. This will require sound understanding of the local context and development of tailor-made business strategies.

    TPOs will be called upon to accelerate investment promotion activities and assist clients for market development in Africa. TPOs must be prepared to help their SME clients build relevant capacities and to guide them through the unique internationalization opportunities within the region and globally.


    Consumer behaviour is increasingly influenced through the use of apps, social media, online research and Internet purchases. The immediate access to product information generates consumer expectations for products and services that simultaneously benefit the environment, society and economic health. New channels develop through complex, internationally fragmented production and delivery processes. New trade and investment agreements open up new market and business opportunities. At the same time, new standards may create new barriers that SMEs may find difficult to overcome. TPOs can influence the development or negotiation of new standards while maintaining a key role in helping SMEs navigate through a complex framework of market opportunities, standards and supply chains. TPOs also need to factor in these changes in their own governance structures, organizational strategies and service portfolios.

    The final report of the 2016 TPO Network World Conference and Awards is available here.

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