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    WTPO Conference 2022

    The 13th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference and Awards will take place on 17-18 May at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

    The event will be hosted by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority in partnership with ITC.

    Registration is now open.

    For registration and conference information please visit: https://wtpo2022.org

    Conference Theme  

    We will remember the last two years as the test of our humanity, resilience and agility.

    More than ever, small businesses are the cornerstone for prosperity, inclusiveness and sustainability. Businesses need solutions that provide information, support innovation, facilitate market access, manage risk and improve resilience.

    At the World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference 2022, we explore how bold trade and investment organizations provide solutions to help build resilience and manage risk in times of uncertainty. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guide, we consider how these organizations address business survival and competitiveness and support trade-led growth while serving their communities and protecting our planet.

    The first day features insights on global megatrends, followed by perspectives from business leaders. The focus moves to explore global trade and investment opportunities related to the African Continental Free Trade Area. Special sessions focus on the TPO context, dedicated to embracing risk and sustainable business practices that deliver competitive advantage. The first day ends with an awards ceremony announcing the winners of the WTPO Awards 2022. The second day is an introspection on creating resilient, agile and bold organizations that help businesses to scale up trade.

    Download the detailed programme


    Preliminary Conference Programme: overview

    Day 1

    2022 - Remapping the world of sustainable trade

    Let’s Talk- Interview session 
    Global business trends: A ‘new normal’ or ‘no normal’?

    Peer-to-Peer- Panel discussions 
    Building boldly with the AfCFTA
    Embracing risk for strategic advantage
    Build for the future: sustainable solutions for adaptation and growth 

    Bids to host the 14th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference and Awards

    Gala dinner and WTPO Awards 2022 presentation ceremony


    Day 2

    It is the human being that counts 

    Let’s Talk- Interview session 
    Organizational culture for resilience and impact

    Sharing good practices: Presentations from the WTPO Award 2022 winners
    Excellence for TPOs; What’s new 

    Parallel Sessions: Mini sessions and Q&A 
    Communications for excellence

    Summary and closing ceremony

    Post conference activities: 
    WogbeJeke: A journey into Ghana’s history 

    Contact: tponetwork@intracen.org


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