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9th TPO Network World Conference & Awards

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    Transforming TPOs’ Business Through Innovation
    Enhancing TPO Impact On Exporting SMEs Through Innovation

    Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC)
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 18 and 19 October, 2012

    2012 TPO Network World Conference & Awards

    The 9th conference took place in KL, My, in partnership with MATRADE and ITC. 200 participants from 65 countries joined the event and debated and discussed issues concerning innovative TPO solutions.The on-going global economic crisis, unforeseen environmental disasters and social unrest have all added pressure on Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) across the world to step up support for exporters and provide new, innovative solution to boost trade. TPOs have to come up with new, innovative ideas, look for alternative business opportunities, and change their strategies so that they can better respond to these challenges.

    The 2012 WTPO Network Conference & Awards looked at what TPOs can do to develop and implement innovative solutions to better serve exporters and how these can take advantage of entering new, potentially profitable markets. It explored what TPOs can do to better respond to requests by governments, not only help drive economic growth, but also provide a positive impact on social development.

    • TPO Conference report 2012

      Report of the 2012 TPO Network World Conference

      The key issues covered during the two-day conference included TPO benchmarking, assessment and performance improvement, measuring TPO’s impact on employment generation, reacting to and preparing for sudden change, developing green industry, tapping into niche markets, and finding innovative solutions for promoting exports.

      This report reflects the debates, discussions, conclusions, and also showcases the winners of the 2012 TPO Network Awards.

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