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  • Exporters

    The ultimate beneficiaries of ITC’s work are SMEs in developing countries, which are engines of income generation, job creation and poverty reduction. To achieve export impact for good, we work to improve SMEs’ international competitiveness, especially in high-potential export sectors.

    • Export management

      ITC provides training and advisory services to businesses with the ambition to export. Trainings are available to support exporters, as well as export advisors.

    • Researching export markets

      ITC offers a suite of online market analysis tools that help exporters and importers make informed decisions about markets, products and partners.

    • Supply-chain management

      Improve the competitiveness of your business with ITC’s supply chain management programme.

    • Quality management

      ITC’s Export Quality Management Programme provides training and advisory services to enterprises, conformity assessment bodies and policymakers.

    • Packaging

      ITC has the most extensive information base and specialist knowledge to businesses on export packaging.

    • Marketing and branding

      ITC’s advisory services in sales, marketing and branding enable exporters to move towards market-driven approaches for sustainable, long-term business success.

    • Contract templates

      ITC and leading legal experts developed eight generic contract templates that incorporate internationally recognized standards and laws for most small business situations.

    • Obtaining export credits

      ITC builds entrepreneurs' financial management skills and works with banks to develop financial instruments and mechanisms tailored to SME exporters’ needs.

    • Using e-business tools

      ITC has a range of training, advisory services and information products to enable exporters to seize the opportunities of e-business, e-marketing and mobile solutions.

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