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    Supply chain skills are critical for businesses of all sizes, especially for small enterprises that have access to fewer resources. Efficiently managing supplies and controlling costs can mean the difference between profit and loss, between success and failure.

    ITC is the only United Nations agency fully dedicated to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The ITC Supply Chain Management Programme is the UN-based initiative for training and professional certification in supply chain management (SCM).

    • We engage and equip local partners to provide leading training and professional certification.
    • We empower participants to advance their careers and improve enterprise competitiveness.

    For more information, visit the programme’s ‘hub’ website: supplychain.intracen.org

    About the programme

    Administered by ITC, the internationally recognized Diploma in Supply Chain Management and certificate-level training is delivered by over 60 licensed partners in more than 40 countries.

    • Our vision is to support supply chain management skills training for development.
    • Our mission is to engage institutions in offering training locally, to equip local partners with leading training approaches / materials and to empower participants to develop practical solutions to organizational challenges.
    • Our focus is on promoting enterprise competitiveness. Supply chain related costs often make up as much as 80% of an enterprise’s total expenditures. A 10% savings in supply chain operations can translate into a 60% increase in profit while maintaining or improving quality.

    ITC’s supply chain management programming is built on three pillars: (1) High-quality training materials, (2) Networks and (3) Professional certification. Local training providers sign license agreements with ITC, gain access to quality materials and support to develop / launch courses and offer exams.

    Our partners include business-training centres, consultancies, technical institutes, universities and trade support institutions. We deliver “training-of-trainers” workshops with a goal to develop sustainable local training capacities for the benefit of supply chain professionals.

    These local experts deliver a learning experience that is adapted to the specific needs of participants from different sectors and with varying levels of knowledge. Course and exam fees are set by partners with an aim to keep costs affordable for participants.

    Strategic direction and thought leadership on training material is overseen by recognized supply chain, development and training specialists. Along with local network partners, the ITC Supply Chain Management Global Round Table is held in a different country on a biannual basis.

    Information on events can be found on our Facebook events page here.

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    Service: Enterprise competitiveness

    • Contributor to $51 million USD in enterprise cost savings
    • Up to 100% productivity improvement

    Network: Multiplier network

    • One network partner enables 49 local enterprises, on average

    Value: Economic value

    • Partners generate combined revenue of $1.5 million USD per year, on average

    Efficiency: Strong programme and process governance

    • The programme is ISO 9001:2015 certified and training materials conform to the highest standards


    SCM programme focus.png
    Sustainability: Direct contributor to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    • Quality education (Official reporting on SDG Target 4.4 - Ensure youth and adults have relevant skills for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship

    Results: ITC results-based management (RBM) and certification indicators

    • Over 50,000 participants trained, 50,000 exams delivered and over 5,000 professionals certified since 2003
    • ITC’s widest expert network


    The Diploma in Supply Chain Management

    Establishing professional credentials can be a stepping-stone for a career in SCM and enhances the human capital of enterprises of all sizes. By completing four course modules, and passing corresponding exams, participants achieve the Diploma in Supply Chain Management. (Certificates are awarded on completion of each course module.)

    International diploma.png

    Developed by a team of global supply chain experts, training to achieve the Diploma in Supply Chain Management covers every stage of the purchasing and supply chain management process:
    (1) Strategy and Planning
    (2) Sourcing
    (3) Operations
    (4) Logistics

    Diploma graduates are eligible to apply for the internationally recognized Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) designation through the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) (currently under review).

    Achieving the Diploma in Supply Chain Management also creates a path to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with the European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM) and earns credits toward the degree.


    SCM Campus for supply chain skills development

    In partnership with the ITC E-learning Programme, our diploma and certificate-level training in supply chain management will soon be available online. We are extending our leading training programme in SCM into an electronic learning (e-learning) format.

    From ITC’s perspective, e-learning is a tool for SMEs and professionals to learn how to enhance and internationalize their business skills. Each course module will be available as a separate, online, course. Participants will be able to take online exams and achieve the Diploma in Supply Chain Management. The e-learning Diploma will be available in countries not reached by our network partners. Our partners will also continue to offer elements of E-Learning via SCM Campus.

    A SCM Campus is the new e-learning platform for the ITC Supply Chain Management Programme. The platform is designed to provide an online space for learners to form communities of practice around supply chain management. It aims to increase the impact of online learning activities by moving from time-bound courses, with defined start and end dates, to a continuous learning model.

    ITC SCM campus - web.png
    Online education is a proven complement to face-to-face programming and participants can choose to take a blend of in-person and e-learning courses. We also provide introductory e-learning courses, offered on a cyclical basis, via the SME Trade Academy. The free courses prepare participants to register for our professionally recognized training.


    Enhancing project delivery and trade-related technical assistance

    Although the programme is based on a business model where local training providers sign license agreements, we also work with international organizations / donors to enhance the delivery of projects. Under the mandate of ITC, the Supply Chain Management Programme supports the implementation of trade-related technical assistance (TRTA) projects.

    • We enhance the delivery of projects by providing solutions for training and professional certification.
    • Our assistance is aimed at addressing supply chain-related challenges and the associated skills gap in developing and least-developed countries (LDCs).

    With in-depth knowledge of all aspects of supply chain management (SCM), we help organizations leverage key strategies, technical know-how, concepts and best practices. The programme has been actively involved in building the capacity of businesses to contribute to their national economies through technical assistance projects around the world.

    The programme has, or is currently, providing support for the following projects:

    • INT/61/105A - Supply chain management training and professional certification (Current)
    • INT/U1/159A - Promoting Intra-regional trade in Eastern Africa – Kenya
    • INT/U1/160A - Promoting Intra-regional trade in Eastern Africa – Tanzania
    • INT/U1/161A - Promoting Intra-regional trade in Eastern Africa – Zambia



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