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Supporting regional economic integration and South-South links

  • Emerging markets have played a leading role in recent global economic growth and are becoming increasingly important markets for intermediate and final goods from other developing countries. Their role as sources of foreign direct investment and technology is also on the rise. The past decade has also witnessed an increased pace of regional economic integration in all regions of the world, presenting new opportunities for companies in low-income countries.
    In order to strengthen South-South business links, ITC works with emerging economies such as India, China, Brazil, Turkey and others to promote value-added trade, investment and technology transfer among these markets and other developing countries, including LDCs. In particular, ITC will increasingly assist firms from lower income countries to integrate into value chains led by emerging market enterprises.

    ITC helps contribute to stronger regional economic integration and South-South links through:

    • Strengthening the institutional infrastructure for regional integration, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa;
    • Connecting demand and supply between emerging markets;
    • Exploring new modes of partnerships to enable growth markets to support trade development in other developing countries.
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