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  • Market info and tools

    A key challenge for exporters is the lack of reliable trade information on markets. They need this data to remain competitive, scan opportunities for new markets, and diversify or value-add to their existing product range.

    At the same time, importers seek to optimize the potential offered by preferential trade agreements and to improve the efficiency of their sourcing by working with competitive supplier countries. The International Trade Centre (ITC) addresses these issues with a suite of market analysis tools and related market data and information sources.

    • Market analysis tools

      ITC’s Market Analysis Tools provide users with export and import statistics of more than 220 countries and territories so they can better understand supply and demand trends for about 5,300 internationally traded products. ITC has developed five online tools — Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map, Trade Competitiveness Map, Procurement Map, Export Potential Map and Sustainability Map — that collectively help improve international-trade transparency and enable companies and trade support institutions to identify export and import opportunities and compare market-access requirements. The tools help policymakers monitor national trade performance and prepare for trade negotiations.

    • Market information

      ITC works to improve market entry and trade transparency for developing countries by providing real-time market intelligence on the Market Insider blog and by offering the latest information on market trends, non-tariff measures and geographical indications. ITC also makes available the Trade Treaties Map, a web-based system designed to assist trade support institutions and policymakers in optimizing their countries’ legal frameworks on international trade.

    • Online library

      The ITC library supports the organization’s information needs and assists partner institutions in the selection of trade-information sources. The library is also open to external visitors from international organizations and Geneva-based missions, officials from trade support institutions and students. The library’s online catalogue is available to all users.