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ITC library

  • The ITC Library offers a specialised information resource focusing on international trade. The collection has been built from the perspective of ITC’s beneficiary countries, their product and services and their existing or potential target markets. The Library provides access to its collection through its online catalogue. In addition, it offers an information referral service to trade support institutions from developing countries. These two services are described below.

    Online catalogue

    The library’s online catalogue is available to all users. The catalogue provides details of the printed and electronic information sources that are maintained by the Library. Users may search the catalogue according to a range of criteria and can subscribe for alerts on new acquisitions.

    Users can directly access a number of key information themes and new information sources through the link available on the right.

    Information services for trade support institutions (TSIs)

    ITC’s Library inquiry-reply service provides recommendations to TSI information centres on appropriate information resources to use to either build their overall collection or to tackle specific research requests. Our aim is to build the capacity of TSI information staff by directing them to relevant information sources that they can build into their own knowledge base. This service is only available to trade support institutions. For companies and individuals, we recommend that you contact the most appropriate trade support institution in your country for assistance.

    TSIs may contact us through the following email, indicating Inquiry/Reply in the subject.



    Tel: +41 22 730 0111
    library at intracen.org