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    The world floriculture trade is characterized by a high degree of concentration by product and sources. Developed countries in Europe, America, and Asia account for more than 90% of demand. International trade in floriculture, to a large extent is organized along the regional lines. Asia-Pacific countries are the main suppliers to Japan and Hong Kong. African, Middle Eastern, and other European countries are the principal suppliers to Europe's main markets, Colombia and Ecuador dominate the market in the USA.

    Global exports over the last few years have grown exponentially. For developing countries alone, global exports reached almost USD 4 billion in 2012, a 24% growth against 2010. For Least Developed Countries alone, the vast majority located in Sub-Saharan Africa, the total value of Cut flower exports more than doubled from USD 208m in 2011 to USD568m in 2012.

    While worldwide consumption has been on the rise, consumers have also become more refined in demanding new products. To meet this growing and changing demand, production has continued to move from countries that have traditionally been consumers and growers, such as the Netherlands, to other relatively new producing countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya and Ethiopia. Follow Market Insider to track real-time news about this market.

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