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About Promoting Intra-regional Trade

  • The ‘Promoting Intraregional Trade in Eastern Africa’ project focuses on increasing exports from Kenya, the United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia. Enterprises working in the honey, mango and spice sectors are set to expand and become more competitive through this project. The objectives are to increase the export competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in selected agri-food value chains and to enhance the services delivered to SMEs by trade support institutions (TSIs).

    The project is implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC) and funded by the Government of Finland. It has a budget of US$ 5.5 million over three years. The project was launched in December 2013.

    Project strategy

    The objective of the project is to contribute to inclusive and sustainable export-led growth in Kenya, the United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia by improving the competitiveness of producers and SMEs and enhancing the performance of TSIs in selected agri-food value chains.

    Increased export competitiveness of SMEs will be achieved through the following activities:

    • Development of road maps for selected agri-food value chains, which will serve as guides for long-term sector development efforts in the countries: chilli and mango for Kenya, honey, mango and spices for the United Republic of Tanzania, and honey for Zambia;
    • Improved managerial and export capacities of producers, processors and traders, e.g. in supply chain management, quality management and marketing;
    • Strengthened capacities of selected service providers along the value chains and facilitated access to services such as packaging and finance;
    • Strengthened regional business contacts and networks through benchmarking tours and participation in business fairs; and
    • Activation of market opportunities through participation in business fairs.

    Enhanced performance of selected trade and business support service providers will be achieved through the following activities:

    • Strengthened managerial and operational capacities of trade promotion organizations and selected sectoral TSIs;
    • Enhanced service portfolio and technical capacities of TSIs;
    • Enhanced formal and informal TSI networks, including women-owned and informal cross border trading organizations; and
    • Support of national trade promotion apex bodies and business associations in advocating private sector interests and in influencing business and trade policies affecting regional trade.

    Seven guiding themes of the project:

    Creation of income opportunities

    Regional integration

    Youth entrepreneurship

    Economic empowerment of women

    Private sector engagement

    South-South cooperation

    Focus on impact

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